About Us

The Empowering Youth Project consists of area high school students who are committed to giving back to their community through special projects. Students from area high schools have joined together to participate in the Empowering Youth Project. Students gain hands on experience through mentorships with area leaders.

Student Volunteers

Volunteering for Empowering Youth Project can be a lot of fun and is a great way to give back to your community!   All Spokane area high school youths are welcome to join! The Empoweing Youth Project provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, receive guidance from mentors, and earn community service hours.

To join us, please contact Molly Wright (509) 991-0968.

Molly Wright, Advisor

Empowering Youth Project

Molly Wright is the advisor for Empowering Youth Project and owns College Found Consulting which assists high school students with the entire college admissions process.  She is committed to helping youth reach their goals, while demonstrating the need to give back to their community through positive, fun projects!  Molly has an extensive background working with high school students and hopes to share her passion with others.

To inquire about becoming a mentor, please call Molly at (509) 991-0968 or email molly@college-found.com.